Is it Time to Replace Your 20 Year Old Air Conditioner?

If your air conditioner is 20 years old or older and you're constantly scheduling repairs, it might be time to consider replacing it. Regular maintenance can greatly affect the performance and lifespan of your air conditioner. According to the Department of Energy, the average lifespan of an air conditioner system in the United States is 15 to 20 years. However, in Florida, the life expectancy of the system can be much lower due to high levels of humidity, salt water and sulfur, resulting in an average life expectancy of between 10 and 12 years.

Upgrading your air conditioner can be a great way to save money on energy costs. If you exchange your 15-year-old 12 SEER unit for a 16 SEER2 unit, you're looking at potential cooling cost savings of 40% per year*. In most cases, the operating efficiency of an air conditioner decreases over time (or due to poor maintenance). So, after fifteen years, your 12 SEER air conditioner could be operating close to a 10 SEER level.

This means that you could save close to 68% a year in cooling costs if you were to switch to a 16-unit SEER2* system. If you're looking for even greater savings, upgrade to a system with an even higher SEER2 rating. Over time, the efficiency of your air conditioner degrades. It's time to replace the air conditioner if you're over 20 years old. But why should an outdated air conditioner be replaced with a new one? What happens to a cooling system over time?Modern air conditioning systems are more likely to be soundproofed compared to older air conditioner replacement systems.

This means that they will be quieter and more efficient than their predecessors. Additionally, they can help reduce energy costs, improve indoor air quality, reduce noise levels, and provide better temperature control. If you decide to repair your current air conditioning system and are looking for a qualified air conditioning company that you can trust, don't hesitate to call us at (94) 474-3691. If you're looking for a reliable company that can help you replace your old air conditioner in Katy, TX, contact us today.