Should You Replace Your AC Unit or Compressor?

When it comes to air conditioning repair, the debate about replacing an air conditioning compressor or replacing the entire unit is a common question. It can be quite expensive to replace an AC compressor, and if your compressor is no longer under warranty and the entire system is more than eight to 10 years old, it might be worth considering replacing the entire system. Replacing most air conditioner components is an option worth exploring. However, when an air conditioning compressor begins to show signs of wear and tear, it may be nearing the end of its life expectancy, which is typically between 15 and 20 years.

Unusual noises, frequent on/off cycles, temperature fluctuations, or reduced airflow can all be indicators of a faulty air conditioning compressor. From refrigerant leaks to broken condensers and even damaged ducts, there are a variety of potential air conditioner repair needs. If a homeowner does not have a warranty, they may want to consider investing in one of the best home climate warranties available, such as an American Home Shield or Liberty Home Guard policy, to help cover future air conditioning repair costs. While it is impossible to predict when an air conditioning compressor might decide to break down, the season can have an impact on the cost of replacing air conditioning compressors. When deciding whether to replace your AC unit or compressor, it's important to take all factors into account. The cost of replacing an AC compressor can be high, and if your system is more than eight to 10 years old, it may be worth replacing the entire system.

Homeowners without a warranty may want to opt for one of the best home climate warranties available. Ultimately, it's important to weigh all options before making a decision.